Maintenance Plan

What can/should i include in a maintenance plan? and how much does one charge?
Thank you for any advice


Tasks I have included:

  • updates

  • checking links/download buttons

  • minor edits to website

  • website management tasks such as when the domain or hosting company contacts the client to deal with something

  • Anything website related they ask you about or to deal with (this really covers you)

  • optmizing images for the website

  • dealing with the messages on the backend
  • As for charging. You can go by your hourly rate - and give them up to an hour (or more, depending on how much they expect to need your services) of your time. Some people offer a discount to their hourly rate.

    I like to set it up that for the most part I do the maintenance once a month, at the beginning and if things come up later in the month I do that then. But I don’t need to keep checking on the plugins to see if they’re ready for an update. Life is too busy for that :slight_smile: !

    Good luck!

    Thank you so much! This is very helpful