Mac Laptop

Hi, anyone know if you can filter a Mac and how?

you can probably reach out to TAG and ask them to help you.

So I know there is a way but I still wanted to know if anyone has real experience with it

I use gentech on my Mac and it seems to work well. I believe that is the one recommended for apple products.

I also use Gentech and I am very happy with them.
They have great customer service.

I also use GenTech, in all honesty, the filter gets in my way a lot as a web designer / developer, but obviously its worth it. Their customer service is fantastic as mentioned

@ChayaShavyL and @Chana you both have Macs as well?

Do any of you find that the filter slows you down a lot, making it not worth it to pay the extra money?

@fgoldberg, yes I have a Mac.
It slows thing down a bitand definitely stops my workflow when things I need are blocked, but with that being said, I don’t feel like its much of a choice, because not filtering is a risk I am not willing to take!

I have a Mac and use Gentech and am very happy. Their filter has many different level options and is extremely customizable. I actually do not find that it slows my computer down, the only thing that is annoying is when something I need is blocked and I need to request access to it, but obviously, that is the purpose of having a filter…just fyi, I had a regular PC and used techloq and found that it slowed my computer much more than gentech does.

I also have a mac with gentech-i think its the only filter option for mac available.

Gentech is the one you are supposed to use as it’s recommended for apple products and down.

hi i use netspark and it’s great
i used to have gentech but it slowed down the laptop
it also blocked my imessage and facetime

where are you located?
In Israel, you can get a filter directly on your internet line which works well if you work from home and don’t take your computer out the house…
It’s called netfree but you do it through the internet suppliers.
In the US and the UK you can also get netfree done through a VPN but it can easily be turned off so not a good option if other people are using your computer. (although they are working on a way to lock it)
Netfree was set up by designers i believe so it filters content in real time meaning you can use stock websites easily, just takes a few mins or seconds to load the appropriate images.
Other than that I believe gentech is the only one that works well on mac with no way around it.
Hope that’s helpful!


I have NetFree in US and as far as I know there is no way to turn it off or to bypass it, you just have to install WiFree (it blocks any connection that isn’t through Netfree).

I’m using netfree through the vpn in Israel as I do not work from home (shared internet in an office) and I cannot connect to the internet if I am not using the filter.

Hi Shevi & Malky
Is that on a mac?
any more info on how to do that?
I tried when i set it up but i understood they didn’t have that software for a mac would love any info on how to do this!

I don’t use a mac. I have a dell laptop

yes so mac software is different and they don’t yet have that option for apple.
if anyone working on a mac has netfree and knows how to ‘lock’ it would love to hear!

someone told me about Qustodio it has a free option and works on Mac… it doesnt. slow down much but uses tons of battery…