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Introducing you to a new Jewish Job platform - Purple Stairs!

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is this only for US candidates?

Introducing Purple Stairs – A Platform Created by A Designer Herself! When we heard what Chaya Fischman was up to with this new project we asked her why?

She shares her journey from many years ago when, as a graphic designer searching for her second job, the desire to get recognized fueled her. Mindful of how she presented herself, she navigated the process extra carefully. Now, as an employer with over 25 employees in the design space, she understands the significance of making a good hire. Merging these experiences led her to build Purple Stairs.

Here’s why we believe it’s a perfect fit for our students:

Showcase Your Creativity: The user-friendly and intuitive interface allows you to present your portfolio in all its visual glory. Making an impact with stunning visuals that authentically represent your unique talent is key.

Privacy-First Approach: Purple Stairs operates with a privacy-first approach, giving you control over who views your information. Whether you prefer to remain hidden or shout from the rooftops, Purple Stairs may be the answer you are looking for.

Opportunity, Not Just Jobs: Purple Stairs goes beyond the typical job platform; it’s an opportunity platform. Connect with employers who genuinely value your distinctive skills and vision, opening doors to exciting positions.

We recommend taking a moment to explore the website and if you’re ready to test the waters and see what’s out there, sign up as a candidate.

Take a look at their promo video here as well to learn more.

I will ask

For the moment its for USA