Looking for grads/ students to give us feedback on the new help page

HI Guys.

We have redesigned our HELP page to be user friendly, accessible and easy to get support and your questions answered. There are 2 help pages, one for non DA account holders (aka new enquiries) and one for those logged in.

We are looking for volunteers who can give a little bit of time to comb through the help page and point out any errors, areas which are unclear, incorrect screenshots and the like or to suggest additional topics or questions that may have been missed out. We look forward to your feedback. You can post any issues in this post.

Any enquiry is now logged as a ticket and are followed up on vigorously, We hope that the support is now top notch and everything covered…

Thanking those of you who are on board in advance!


Student support page it says request a student letter in 3 places- getting started, course dashboard and technical assistance. Actually, maybe this in on purpose?

Maybe add some info on software needed for the digital illustration course…

I’m pretty sure its in the intro video on the top of the page and in the brochure
Let me know if not!

It is in the brochure but not sure which video you’re referring to.
Here, there’s no way to request the brochure

and i meant that here it’s not mentioned:

But none of these are directly on the pages you asked about…

thanks rivky, we will add this