Logo help

Hi, anyone have any ideas how to make this “logo” more exciting???

thank you!Gav

I would take out the word “is” and place the 3 directly behind “Gavriel” and lower the opacity or change the color to a light grey or blue… but if you want the words specifically “Gavriel is 3” then change the 3 to a different color - It’s too bland-the black and blue feels too cold or change “Gavriel” to a warmer color… and maybe squish the word “is” after “Gavriel” before the 3 and align it with the part that sticks out of the 3
I think if you change the coloring, it would be nice. Maybe you should consider choosing a cuter font as well.
Good Luck!

thanks Breindy for replying here! Your comments are on target. Unless this is a paid or high profile job, i wouldn’t be too concerned about it though…

Thank you!!!

Gavriel is 3 Final

This is the final logo came out with in end

thank you for your feedback

So nice! I like the colors now - looks more the type for an upsherin logo than the first one…
Thanks for sharing - it’s always nice to see the final version :slight_smile: