Logo help please

I’m working on a logo for a cost shop called kosher market. client has no ideas in mind. what do you think on these two ideas to send him and any more ideas pls? thanks

I like the concept of the first one!

Maybe put the market of the first underneath the kosher?
its quite long like you have here

i would also try one where the letters are more clear/bold and simple and keep the cart icon separate or just do something more subtle like lines on the side… ideas for inspirationsupermarkets

thank you breindy, adina and rivkah for your help!
bh i sent them 8 logos in the end and they have narrowed it down to two. I now need to send them color options, any thoughts on the logo colors etc? This is what I have come up with so far but feeling like its still not right…
thanks for all the help coz i still so new at this :slightly_smiling_face:

wow I love the logos numbered 2
I like the like green in number 2c - how about doing Kos(h)er in dark green of 2d - it would look very supermarket-y :wink:
I also think #1 is good coloring…

Ye I second number 2 and colors of 2d

i really like the bolder text now :slight_smile: for the 2nd logo range, would it make more sense to flip the shopping cart so then it can kind of pass as a lower case ‘h’?
i’m liking the blue and red options b/c my brain associates it with tesco in uk and osher ad in israel! second to that i like the green/orange combos prob also coz os some supermarket association i have. i’m not so into the yellows…
color choices are also something you can ask client about…they prob have a preference…

I agree with @rivkah to flip the shopping cart.
Love the logo