Logo for a sweatshirt

If I’m sending my client a logo for her to send to a sweater company is there a specific size my art board should be? And I guess I’ll send as a png and pdf?

Theres no specific size that it has to be but you should send the EPS file from illustrator-go to file, save as, Illustrator EPS file.

There isn’t a specific size, most personalizing companies can size your doc to the specific size they need. But you should make sure all your artwork/ text is outlined- vectorized before you send

Does it make sense that the font Im
Using I only have a demo of so can’t really use for personal use and save in a pdf. If I go to object and expand the text then I’m able to save it as a pdf and use it.

Yes thats a possibility

sometimes you can see what the “rules” of each font are…
You go to type - find /replace font - click on the font that is giving you issues - click more info - there should be something there called restrictions
Your font will probably say “Cannot embed in pdf” the solution to that is to go to type - create outlines and then it will be able to save as a pdf (just put a copy of the text on the side before its outlined in case you need to change the text)

thoughts on the logo?
Backround is black just so the client can see because the sweaters are being black.
She said the guy needs a pdf. So i guess i will send a pdf and png in case.

very nice!

How much would one charge for such a project?
And what about without a logo. Just words and basic pics?