Let's Share!

Hi Everyone! Please feel free to upload your digital artwork you are creating/ in the middle of/ finished. I’d love for everyone to be able to share and have the “give and take” of a ‘live’ class :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing what you post!

– to save as a jpg in Illustrator: go to File- Export- Export As
and then choose jpg. underneath you will have a box that you can check off use Artboard- if you check it off then it will only save the artboard instead of having all your sketch area shown to everyone–

Anyone have any advice on how to improve this? I’m not so good with shadows and lighting.

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Wow! This is great! Such character! Maybe add a large shadow under the table (on the floor)

I’d appreciate any critique on this


I really like it! The brush strokes give it such a soft cute lullaby vibe.

Hi everyone :wave: My name is Miri Rokowsky. The pictures are really cute. The meatballs scene is adorable and really fun!
@RivkyH I luv your pic!! it looks so professional and cute. Just wondering maybe you can make the mouse more mouse-like so it reads better?
like maybe the nose can be a small circle/the outer layer of the ear grey/ whiskers. Not sure just some ideas.
I did this picture to Abie rottenbergs “little kite” song (It’s def inspired by adina cahn’s pic of the two brothers :grinning:)
would love some critique especially with the colors.


Wow wow!! This is so effective! Love the colouring, the scene… everything!!
Thanks for the critique - I’ll try make the mouse more mouse-like.

Love it Miri! The colors give it such a magical feel!

hi! i would love some critique on this one.


These are all excellent!! I’ve been putting my comments in the hmwk comments and want to leave this forum for all of you to communicate
I will add my little points that everyone can benefit from :slight_smile:

This is great! Love the scene down to the boat in the background. I would work on the colors a bit more though to create a stronger contrast.
A little “contrast test” you can do is set a black square on a separate layer and apply a blending mode of COLOR to it. It will change your whole picture to black and white, then you can see if its all too gray than you need to brighten some colors and darken some others.
The drawing is excellent!!

Who can not enjoy Charlie Brown :slight_smile:
One point that I’d like to make here is the pole of the basketball hoop should go down to the bottom of the window view so that we dont see the end
If we were able to see the end from this far back from the window the grass would need to be tiny!

Hi, love everyone’s drawings!
I just noticed this today…
Here’s what I came up with


Wow! powerful story. Love your drawing! It has such a cool perspective to it.

Hi, here is my illustration. you guys did such an amazing job. cant wait to get better and better at this.


This is so cute!! Love all the little details - her frills and wrinkles…

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Hi everyone,
This is my workstation. I would love to see all of yours! I love everyone’s different drawing styles, it gives me so much inspiration!


Love you drawing! So cute to see how different workspaces can be!
Really like how you did that gradient painted background!

Here’s my workspace.
Obviously not always so neat:)…


Love how you incorporated the image onto the screen! I left out a million papers on my desk, so no worries!