Let's see your hairstyles!

:slight_smile: Wishing you no more “Bad Hair Days”

This was fun!! Nice that we could focus only on hairstyling as we got ready made faces! Doing 8 really brought on the creativity!
It’s so cool how the same face could look so different with different hairstyles


These are great!!
Yes you are right , we never think of hair as making us look so different- but it adds and changes so much.
I really like the curly peyos! and the bangs, and headband, and braids, and pigtails- all of them!! you did a wonderful job! nice consistent line work :slight_smile:

I used my student with the best peyos for reference pic :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
They’re not braids- their a bunch of ponies;)

:slight_smile: realized about the braids right after I sent-- well they are very cool ponies :slight_smile:
whoever that students mother is- she did a great job curling his peyos that morning!!

wow! it’s amazing!!! i also really enjoyed playing hairdresser…


These are great Sury! thanks for uploading!!
I especially like the 2nd girl from the right on top- she looks like she has so much personality! (and the type that either her mother cut her hair or she has really curly but wants to wear it down anyways!!)
Great detailing in the braid as well
well done!!
its amazing how many different hairstyles there are

Love see the creativity and personality here!
Love Adina how you wrote about that kid and the mother giving a hair cut its unreal how we imagine so much and create a story just from a little sketch!!

Awesome job illustrators!!!
Keep them comin :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

Hi everyone! I really enjoyed doing this exercise! it was really fun! I feel like my hair styles look like a wig a little bit any ideas on how to fix that?

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These are great Yehudis!
I like the boy’s hair :slight_smile: and the last girl on the bottom right- such details!
about the “wig” like hair, leave some gaps instead of making a complete edge frame for the hair, if you draw the hairs coming out individually from the forehead instead of framing and then having the hair lines it wont look as “placed”

Love all the different styles! I had a lot of fun doing this homework :slight_smile:
The side views I had a harder time with making a good hairline. Any advice?


Great job on the upper boys hair and peyos!
well done with the pigtails as well!
I think the characters on bottom have their hairline too straight drawn- maybe have breaks in it?

These are great Rivky! It’s so fun seeing each students different style!
The first girl on the upper left looks great! Getting her to look presentable each morning must be a nightmare!!
I like how you made the pigtails on bottom up high- love the thick ponies
Well done on the hat

These have been great!! Keep on uploading everyone! and your faces as well!

So cute!! I love the pigtails!