Let's See your Faces!

Now with the tools downpat you have moved to the next step: actually making sense of your drawing! This past week you started with the hardest and most important part of illustration- Characters!
Let’s use this space here to share your faces!

Can you post?! I’m waiting to see!
Pick your favorite face of all that you drew and post it so we all can see!

do you want to see hairstyles? Thats what i’ve been busy with;)

will make another post for that!

Here are some of the faces I drew.
Would love to see everyone’s, It’s really great inspiration to see the different styles!



Sara this is great!!
I love the variety- the different brushes, and face shapes
I like how expressive the eyes are even while they are simplistic

10 points for being the first to upload your faces!!

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The face looks excellent !
Something has to be fixed up with the skirt and the legs
its not flowing natural
great coloring job!

Thanks! I was noticing that…after I posted of course :smirk:
I built up the legs to make sure they make sense… So I guess the skirt is the problem? What’s your take?

The in and out of the edge doesnt work in the front, I would also always draw a bit more of the skirt and have it overlap the leg- we see the edge of the legs


Rivky they look like such a great pair! :slight_smile: I love the hair on both of them
Lea is right, the hair adds so much
Something on the outline of the orange boys face is a little too thick, I would try drawing it with a slightly smaller start off diameter, or less pressure adn have the flow controlled by the pressure.
Great job on the hands- I like the thumbs up! I think the arm could be a bit wider-what do you say?
Really nice job here!

I feel like I can see their personality! They look like fun!

Thanks, yes, the arms do look a little narrow. I’m going to fix them up

Looking forward!

It’s getting very quiet here! I’d love to see more characters
We just finished with Tu-bshvat- heading on to Purim
Who wants to be the first to upload a festive character?!

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What a fun clown!! I ilke how even though it looks like a clown you can see its a dressed up boy. the pants are such fun!- Well done with the shading on his shirt
This is great!! Keep them coming!!!
Now we’re getting into the purim spirit :slight_smile:

Thanks! I drew it for the kids today to color… I couldnt resist coloring it in myself!

That’s like 2 for the price of 1 :wink: