Laptop Help!

I know there’s a lot of discussion about what laptop/computer to get thats best for graphics and it sounds like both mac and pc are great (assuming you get the top of either one)…
I’m really not good at researching and comparing a thousand brands/ prices/ etc. but I really need a new laptop!
Anyone have a good suggestion? Or know someone I could talk to that knows about laptops? Or has one that they’re happy with?

Same here, I bought a laptop about 2 years ago and its really going, I was told to get this one, but i think its not good enough for all the graphics i do.

Is there a reason I should get a computer instead of laptop?

Why don’t you call a place like b and h? They know computers and can tell you what specs you need…

I’m not totally familiar with B & H as I don’t live in ny… and im kinda nervous to talk to a store thats trying to sell me something…
like i want an objective opinion :slight_smile: (im totally willing to spend $$, but I just want it to be really worth it)

B&H is great. They’re a huge corporation, owned by a frum jew and many frum people work there. They are not objective at all and are extremely helpful. I bought my laptop through them 2 years ago and was very happy with their service.

Same here. I recommend B&H. They have great customer service and know what they are talking about. You can go to their website online and do a live chat with a representative.

I got my laptop through them. I ended up getting a gaming computer since it has a lot of qualities that are needed for graphics.

And just because you ask them for advice, doesn’t mean you have to buy something through them.

I have a laptop just cuz it’s the first one I got, and it is a gaming laptop. The specs for gaming laptops are similar to what graphic designers need.

to answer chavi, yes sure, i prefer a desktop pc (not sure with macs) to a laptop for many reasons:

  1. they last longer (i had one for almost 10yrs that still can be used but it’s slow so i got a new one!) - this is especially so if you move your laptop around a lot it’s more likely to break. also b/c all the components and fan etc are all nearer each other in a laptop it’s a reason for more to go wrong.
  2. you get more for your money and top pc can generally can get better specs than top laptop
  3. if you get a graphics card you can set up 2 equal size monitors - one for your emails/what you need to do and the other one to work…
  4. larger equipment = easier to work

obviously there are disadvanatages like you can’t just work wherever and you need to get all the separate components like keyboard/mouse/speakers/camera/microphone but you can often buy these together with the computer.

dont need to take my word for any of this!!!

sepstein - dont know which country you’re in but i have s/1 to recommend in israel

Lots of valid points in this discussion

Gaming laptops are advised for graphics and Autocad programs as they have lots of processing power.

You might want to read this article to check the spec list against a laptop of computer that you plan on buying.

Laptop has a shorter life and you generally need higher specs then a computer to have the same effect as a computer but then again a computer you cant take with you so its up to you.
Don’t go less then an i7 or Ryzen 7 and a good graphics card will also give you better processing power for the heavy programs.
You might want to wait for black Friday deals - dell always has great offers then.

Thank you so much everyone!
Sounds like a pc is the way to go- however I’m not really planted in one spot these days so it wouldn’t make sense at this point…
I guess ill be in touch with B&H and see what they have to say…
thanks a mil for all your helpful responses!

If a PC doesn’t work for you, go for a laptop. If thats what you need, that’s what you need

I also think a pc is way better - my graphics work got soo much easier once I switched… but if u do need a laptop for graphics make sure it has a very high resolution BIG screen as I got I think a 14’’ and it was way too small to work on. Now I have a tall 27’’ monitor and you can’t compare!