Laptop gets overheated

I’m just wondering if anyone ever had this. I have a Lenovo Slim pad, really high quality.
I bought it around 2 years ago and recently it started getting really hot when I use any of the adobe programs. Would anyone know why this is happening?

I have an alienware laptop and its been overheating since I got it
a few things you can do:

  1. turn on your fan manually whenever it gets hot, if it doesn’t go on automatically
  2. get a stand so that its not directly on the table

I have the EXACT same problem… it might have something to do with the fan in the laptop not working properly…

I also have a lenovo

you can get an external fan that plugs in with a USB – its like a base, goes under your laptop

Thanks for your replies!
How do you turn on the fan manually?

not sure… my computer has like the “alienware” app so I do it through there but I’m sure theres a way on other computers you would have to look it up

i think all laptops get very hot… I have an all in one desktop which although it isnt a laptop also can got rly hot sometimes… my laptop i dont use much but i think it does get hot with heavy usage and both are good systems lots of ram etc so even the best get hot… i think only a traditional desktop has good cooling systems…

Yes I have the same issue and I use a stand- it takes care of the problem