Landing Page- Price

I am wondering how much I should charge someone to create a landing page? (I realize there is a range but if someone could give a ballpark estimate of a landing page versus an entire website that would be helpful.)
Also, I’ve never done a landing page in the past… I’m assuming I can do it on wordpress & just create it similar to 1 page website? (meaning it’s just one static page with a call to action?)

Sure you can do it in WP!
The cost difference depends…if you generally would put a lot of work into the design of the inner pages, then it would be maybe 30 - 50% of the price you’d normally charge. If you usually don’t put in much work for the inners and the bulk of your time is spent on the homepage, the price should be closer to 50 - 75%. One-pagers and landing pages still take lots of time and effort!

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Yes, a one-page site is a lot of work - it’s not like just 1 more inner page.
I would say 50-75%.

Thanks so much Penina & Esti for your advice! I thought when the client called it a landing page they meant s/t more like what is shown in this link

not a 1 page website…
I emailed the client to clarify & ask more info about the project. Once I get a better idea of what they hand in mind I can give a quote.

From a marketing perspective, landing pages & one-page websites are different. But from a coding perspective, they’re pretty similar :slight_smile:

i am having the same dilemma at the moment, more from the marketing point of view. Thanks for sharing the link from Unbounce and their video of the one way street vs roundabout.

I have used unbounce in the past by request of a client. The cool thing with unbounce is that you can VERY QUICKLY create multiple versions of the same landing page e.g. with slightly different copy, one with a video, one without etc and different viewers will see different versions (a/b split testing) and that way you can test to see which landing page is the most effective in getting people to do your CTA. Their templates are also really focused and you dont so many design skills so from that point of view i would probbaly charge less if they wanted me to use that platform. however i see their plans start at $80/month which many clients may not want to pay esp. if they are a solopreneur/small business. But it may be good to get inspiration from their landing page templates!! ( Landing Pages Archives - Unbounce)

I totally agree that a landing page can be almost as much work as a home page especially if you’re using wordpress b/c then you have all that setup to do (and menus to hide too!). If you’re designing from scratch that’ll take a lot of thought the same way as a home page from scratch would. so yes bear in mind with pricing.

Peninah do you have a view on if the landing page url should be more of a subdomain e.g. if it’s for a webinar so ‘’ or can it just look like a regular url e.g. ‘’? If the latter then how would you differentiate it from a page within the website which talks about the webinar? i guess you could do or something to differentiate landing pages from regularpages - what do you think?

Interesting question… I think I usually see separate domains (it can be on the same site, just mapped). I think it can be a practical question, like if you are building it on the same website or if it’s separate.

But having a separate domain mapped to that URL is usually done so that it’s easier to advertise. And you have less concern that people will get distracted by the main site.

thanks peninah - i think I know what you mean - often after a click through from an email to a landing page you get a random looking url but i never thought that was by design… it’s true though that it would be less distracting although i believe if your website is done right then it’ll lead your audience to the right places anyway rather than distract!!