Jewish footage

i know this might belong more in the motion graphics topic but i want to ask not just those in motion… Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a jewish stock site thats not just for photos-also for videos…? and if not, is there a way we can start one-is that a crazy idea? :slight_smile: I know it would be really useful to everyone in the motion field -and especially for those using strict filters/ who generally dont keep open regular stock sites…also if there would be footage of people it could be really helpful… does anyone know how the other jewish stock sites get their footage-or know of a videographer who would be interested in this business? any advice or leads would be great :slight_smile: thanks! has jewish themed images.

You can try
But I dont think there is much in the realm of video. The reason for that is that getting frum clientele to be filmed and put anywhere randomly is not so likely to happen :slight_smile: Once its stock it can be used by anyone who pays for it
The same would be with working with a videographer, you can have abstract Jewish videos but it wont likely be content with people as they would have to get the approval.
Some times you are better off reaching out to a videographer for a specific project and getting what you need… Though there has been talk by some students to start a Jewish vector site maybe one day!

That would be so helpful to all motion graphic artists! Please go ahead and create a website! We’d all be grateful!