Jewelry advert

Are there any changes i should do before sending to client. I would also appreciate advice on the wording…!

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nice and clean and elegant ad - well done!

I would break up text differently:

New Collection
Bespoke Jewlery
Imported directly from Brazil.

imported is missing the ‘o’

For imported directly from Brazil is the presumption that everyone knows Brazil is good at gold/gemstones? Maybe it’d be worth writing what quality of gold it is or what kind of gems… e.g. 18k Gold Plated Jewlery imported from Brazil.

I have no idea about brazil being known for good gemstones… thank you for advice and feedback… will change the text…

lol i didnt either but i googled it and apparently you can get better priced than other places coz they gold plate it or something and something about gemstones… maybe ask the client what is the uniqueness!

Wow its a really really nice ad!

It’s rly nice! Just one thing - add shadows to the images to make it look more realistic

thank you all. they ended up going with something completely different. I did it in a rush so could not get any advice from all of you… here is the final.

What do you think, which one should i use for my portfolio??

i say you can use both, could look like an ad series… most ppl probably wont look too close at the wording… each one gives a diff. impact so i think nice to have both

amazing. thanks

looks great! just wondering, did you charge them more coz they ended up going with something completely different? or was it your time loss?

my loss of time :frowning: though I did put a very strict limit to the amount of changes for the second advert…


wow a shame… i asked coz i just did an ad for a client and he asked for a gazilion tiny little changes and instead of thinking it through and telling me all at once it was like every day another 5 emails with another 5 little changes… so it ended up taking up so much time altogether…

i wonder does anyone charge more for too many changes to an ad? coz really the customer needs to be happy but there is a limit! and i dont want every change to be a separate email which means i need to save and send the file a hundred times…

Stunning ad!

thank you so much.
just wondering because of what happened with this client, do you ask clients to show you ideas of what they have in mind… and what if they say they really don’t know and have no idea what they want but then are not happy with the style or idea you designed?
would love to know the basic questions asked to client before putting your hours into a design…

I always ask my clients what they have in mind. For websites I even ask them to show some samples of they like and what they don’t like. Like that you get a bit of feel. Very often they can’t put it into words so showing examples is a great way to start. Depending on the client you can discuss what and why they like/dislike certain parts/sections etc

what would you do in a case where the client says he really does not know what he wants…
thank you so much

absolutely - the more you work the more you will see how essential it is to set boundaries on this (and keep to them)! From what i’ve seen, it is industry standard to say in advance that this fixed ad price includes up to two (or three) sets of client revisions. After that, there will be an additional fee for extra revisions. I tend to do this as an hourly rate. for other clients who i work on projects of theirs for years i review every now and again to try and fix the ‘scope creep’ that happens.

You can clarify with them that each set of revisions has to be in one email and explain this will help speed things and make it more efficient for both of you!!

it could be when you are newer (or its a new client you really want), you are just eager to please so may end up doing lots more revisions but once you get experience and your portfolio matters less b/c it’s already solid and your time matters more, you have to refine your offerings (even with a new client - it’s more professional anyway).

with logos i am more lenient with number of revisions as i want it to be just right since it’s with them for life and they pay more. i try and gauge early on that i’m on the right track so we dont need a total redo.

hope that helps!

thank you so so much for your advice.

thanks @rivkah it def is scope creep… the client lit thought im his personal designer/assistant now coz hes paying me a few pennies for one ad :joy: i guess from now will have to set a number of free revisions for ads… iv been doing it for logos, but never did for ads before…