Jewelry advert

Are there any changes i should do before sending to client. I would also appreciate advice on the wording…!

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nice and clean and elegant ad - well done!

I would break up text differently:

New Collection
Bespoke Jewlery
Imported directly from Brazil.

imported is missing the ‘o’

For imported directly from Brazil is the presumption that everyone knows Brazil is good at gold/gemstones? Maybe it’d be worth writing what quality of gold it is or what kind of gems… e.g. 18k Gold Plated Jewlery imported from Brazil.

I have no idea about brazil being known for good gemstones… thank you for advice and feedback… will change the text…

lol i didnt either but i googled it and apparently you can get better priced than other places coz they gold plate it or something and something about gemstones… maybe ask the client what is the uniqueness!

Wow its a really really nice ad!

It’s rly nice! Just one thing - add shadows to the images to make it look more realistic