JDF Chanukah Challenge-Submit Here!



Love that!!!

:+1: :+1: :+1:

Would love to know how you did that in 45 minutes, @adinacahn :smiley: !!

painted in photoshop in about 10/15 minutes. Imported into AE and animated in about 15 minutes
–You’ll notice the second half is just the first half of the animation duplicated :wink:

I’m waiting to see all your artworks!!

hey this was such fun! really enjoyed doing this and playing around with my skills!!!
whats everyone else got to show?!?!?!?!


![chanuka contest10241024_1|386x500](upload://1z1YvMT9oPdANyY9PjkZtn7NAIt.jpeg

I’m at the beginning of computer graphics, so I don’t have much skills yet- but here:)

It didn’t upload… and we want to see!


Nice job!!

really nice!!!

These are so much fun! I like seeing all the different styles
Devorah yours looks like it should have a whole story that goes with it- great blending of images!
and Rachel - that’s beautiful and doesnt look like you are just beginning!
Keep them coming!

Great job to all the submissions so far! Rachel, very impressive for just beginning computer graphics!


real cool lali!!! nice job…well done for submitting ;-)))

Wow! I’m so impressed with all the submissions so far!!

Great job!