It's Purim Time!

Hi Artists!

An easy way to start “getting your name out” is to have people see your illustrations. Purim is a great time to start!
Would love to see your illustrated Purim labels here!

If anyone would like to create generic/non family name written on it ones that anyone can use I’d post it on the full site for others to print and use— again great name to start getting your name out!
Feel free to use a template so the sizing comes out right: Avery (On the designergy this past week there was a quick video on working with Avery templates- If anyone didn’t receive it please let us know and we’ll forward it)

Can’t wait to see what you come up with !

Hi Everyone! I cant wait to see what you come up with! Here are my Mishloach Manos Tags from 2 years ago. I do this every year!

Here’s another one from 4 years ago. Yes I re-use elements from the labels every year. I’m a busy mom and I think if it saves time and looks beautiful there’s no harm!


Last year I decided to make water bottle labels! You can see how it looks in print.

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I love them, they are so cute!!

These are great @leakron!
My illustrations don’t match up to my graphics so I go the graphics route when it comes to my labels
We usually choose a costume with “cahn” in it for the past couple years, and I make my labels match up (my shalach manos dont match though)


These are so good! You’re a great illustrator! (It’s so cool to see your profile picture and “meet” the person who illustrated some of the books in my house!)

Thank you! BH!

I love the meuchedet one!! So creative!
I am singing that song in my head- anachnu “cahn” bishvilchem
Good one!

thanks! Can you post your purim label from this year here?? Looking forward to seeing it !

Still in middle!
one more kids is going between them, and the graphics!


Here’s another 2 that I made using the Avery app like you showed! but they’re not illustrated :frowning:

This is beautiful, I love it!
It will be a very impressive purim tag when it is done.
Great work!

Also great! It’s like a superpower being able to design your own things.

Wow!! @cfink ! It’s looking great!! and I like how I can see the resembles to the kids from your baker illustration but at the same time they both look like they got older since last year!!

So fun!!! well done!

I didn’t draw this but made these for my sister. Screenshot 2024-03-13 162305


Here’s a few I designed this year

This is so creative to use your last name!
You can do "cahn"struction one year (unless you already did it!)

Love these illustrations!!