Invitation to print with marks?

When sending a file to a client for her to send to her printer, I send it with crop marks and bleed marks?

Depends what it is. If It’s something like an Invitation then you do put the cop marks and bleed (no bleed marks) but, if its something like a yard sign (very big) usually just bleed and no marks.

Yes it’s an invitation. Why not bleed marks?

I find that the printer usually tells me what to send it with, If not I ask them. Also because each printing place uses a different amount of bleeds…

I think you could do bleed marks but its not important… crop marks will be enough… (it’s just extra printing marks…)
The standard bleed is .125 or .25

if you do cropmarks, offset them to the amount of bleed so they dont overlap the design.
i rarely add crop marks as i find printers dont like them but i just include the bleed and let the, know in the email with the file. best to ask the printer their preference.