Interior Design Eve course celebrations!

DA Interior Design Evening Group 2 decided to take portfolio presentations to a new level.
:confetti_ball: :partying_face: :drum: :guitar: :notes: :partying_face: :confetti_ball:

An evening was arranged at Reserve Cut in NYC to celebrate in person since all of the students live in the Tri-state area. 8/10 students were able to participate:
@chayalabillet, @swalfish, @nrosenzw1, @rachayle, @guitagestetner, @Bk1175, @eliana and Miriam Kaufman.
We missed you @estilevovitz and @EstiBernstein :slightly_frowning_face:

Along with their instructors Devora & Rochel Lea @RochelLea who both flew in :airplane: for this special occasion.

It was a wonderful evening of incredible camaraderie, ambience and awesome food. It truly was a celebration of a year of hard work, dedication, collaboration and design success! It culminated in portfolio presentations. Being able to celebrate each student’s body of design work was definitely the highlight of the evening. We wish all of our graduates tremendous hatzlacha in the future.

We are confident they will go far in the design world be”H

That is beyond cute!!
Congratulations to all the grads :trophy:

So Fun!!