Intergrating cardknox with wordpress

Does anyone have experience intergrating cardknox with wordpress.
My client asked me if I can do this but it is not s/t I have done before. I found instructions online but not sure I am following 100% so I would love some help if someone has experience.

For woocommerce you can use their plugin Cardknox Payment Gateway for WooCommerce – WordPress plugin |

Thanks dvora, I am aware that they have this plugin. I’m assuming I first need to download woocommerce. (Its not an ecommerce site. It’s an organization and she is using cardknox for donation, spec she is running a campaign now that ppl are signing up for recurring donations)

Is this what you would follow in order to set it up?

So how is she taking payment? They also have a plugin for Gravity Forms if you don’t use Woocommerce.

To expand on Dvora’s question, what part are you doing and what does she have already?

We’ve done this several times- using Gravity Forms and this plugin: Cardknox Payment Gateway Plugins for WordPress
Feel free to reach out with more questions!