Inspiration flyer help

I’m looking for some inspiration for a flyer I’m working on and I can’t exactly find what I’m looking for.
I want the flyer to have the look with handwritten arrows pointing to the object, more of a summery free feeling to it.
Not necessarily a scrapbook and scotch tape look but I like the arrow look.
Anyone know what I’m talking about :blush:?

put in “arrow” into a photo site and narrow the search to “vector” only. or draw using a paint brush. I’ve done that many times.

I mean the paint tool in illustrator or photshop

can you view these for inspiration? (otherwise can send screenshot)
Hand Drawn Poster Images - Free Download on Freepik
all have a light summery feel - i think a fun font is a key ingredient as well as the handdrawn elements

On the topic, what is a good website for inspiration in general?

I drew arrows for my portfolio with the paintbrush tool.