InDesign questions

  1. Is there a way to change the language (i.e. hebrew lettering) of the page numbers in indesign?

  2. If I am designing a booklet of 5.5/8.5in pages, and I am therefore laying them out to have 2 pages on a horizontal 8.5/11in page (this set up was requested by the printer), is there a way to set up the master pages accordingly?

Thanks in advance!

I still would like an answer for #1 if anyone knows…

But for #2, I realized that I can just set up two 5.5/8.5 facing pages, and then save the pdf as spreads. That would solve the problem, right?

  1. do you mean change form 1, 2 3 to א ב ג?
  2. that sounds right (although generally the printer dont like them as spreads as they need to do the impositioning so don’t understand why the printer would request this set up as he should be able to position 2 pages per 1 US letter page on his own)
  1. Yes. Alef, beis…yud alef, yud beis…
  2. So now he says to just do each page by itself. I guess he decided to position it on his own like you said.

Sorry about all these posts…

Anyway, I realized regarding the page numbering, that I also need the numbers to fall out from right to left! So I guess I need to do it manually, it’s just that there are a lot of pages!!
If anyone has any suggestions, I really would appreciate it because this is a rush job that I am trying to finish.
Thank you!

Not sure about the Hebrew lettering, but definitely don’t have to do it manually because of right to left. When you choose facing pages you could choose if it should be the English or Hebrew way

Wow! Thank you goldie-mezei!

So I tried to follow your instructions, and I didn’t have this option that you were telling me about. So I tried researching a little more, and for all of those (who like me) did not know of this middle eastern version, here is the link to download it.

And now that I have this version, all of my other issues were fixed! And yes, this version has an option to number your pages in hebrew lettering=}
Thanks a million :grin:

I just adjusted mine. Thank you for sharing!