Indesign File

Is there a size limit for Indesign?
I need to create a banner that is 240 inches in Indesign but its not recognizing the number I put in.

Illustrator can create up large sizes, Maybe set it up there
Or if you are working in vector you can set it up as a scaled down size- make sure the proportions are correct and they’ll scale it when printing

i just tried and got a pop up saying the value must be between 0.0139 in and 216 in

here says the solution is to scale the dimensions down proportionally but increase the graphics resolution:
Solved: Can document size be extended past 216 inches? - Adobe Support Community - 4877963

illustrator also has a limit of 227inch acc to above - i just tried it and gives a warning Large canvas size | FAQs and known issues (


I once created a huge billboard and created the file 1:10. That is what the printer told me to do.