Indesign Contents

Hi I am working on a book in InDesign and I’m not sure how to do the contents, I know how to do it for an individual document but not when all the documents are linked in an InDesign book. Can anyone help? Thanks

I believe it’s an option in the table of contents settings…this is what i found online

Select Include Book Documents to create a single table of contents for all documents in the book list, and to renumber the book’s pages. Deselect this option if you want to generate a table of contents for the current document only. (This option is dimmed if the current document is not part of a book file.)

Taken from this:
Create a table of contents in Adobe InDesign

Thank so much!
Do you know if there’s anyway to make it go in alphabetical order? Or do I need to do it manually?

I think you are talking about an index then not contents? contents go in page order as far as i am aware…
i believe indesign can make an index by using index markers but i have never done it… i have been given it from someone whose job was to manually create the index, ready for me to typeset

Sorry yes meant Index, but i found an option that puts it alphabetically