Import fonts

Where can I download fonts from? And once its downloaded how to I import it into Adobe?

presuming you are an adobe member, you cn go to Adobe Fonts | Explore unlimited fonts and benefit from all of their fonts.
Click ‘All fonts’ to see their really handy filters.
You can type sample text as well to preview.
Click ‘Add family’ to add all styles in a font or click the font, choose the specific ones you want by clicking ‘Add font’ on each.
It will automatically go to your Adobe apps;

Otherwise you can download from a variety of websites for pay or for free. Free Fonts! Legit Free & Quality » Font Squirrel is good for commercial-friendly free ones. You download, unzip the folder, right-click the font files and click install and then they will be available on all your computer programs.

Goodie fonts are nice too: Any all font you download and install should work in all your programs right away.

Just a tip- Make sure the font websites you download from aren’t sketchy sites because anything sketchy could mean you also download a virus with it.

DaFont - Download fonts has free ones as well