How to respond to potential client

hi, I am wondering how to respond when potential clients ask to see more samples of my work. what if I don’t really have anything relevant to show them, but I believe that I can do what they are looking for? What’s a good way to respond? Any suggestions…?

Do you have a reel? If you do can you add into it a second or two of what they have in mind? That would demonstrate to them.
Another option would be to create it! or create something showing you can do it.
This is an example of this that stood out in my head

Great ideas. thanks for sending link, that was really interesting

I guess I would put that into the category or “do the work you want to be paid to do”
which means get some samples of your reel of what you want to be doing so that you can show potential clients what you can do
Hatzlacha! Keep us posted!