Hosting videos on website- vimeo vs youtube

Does anyone have experience with embedding videos on a website without slowing it down significantly? I would love to ask questions about the different ways to host etc…

You might also want to keep in mind in the frum world which one is more likely to be blocked by people filters.

right I was thinking about that… I am assuming that you tube is more likely to be blocked by filters and vimeo wouldn’t?
Are there other options besides those 2?
Also, I was looking at vimeo plans. I couldn’t find a way to reach out to customer service before actually purchasing a plan to figure out which plan makes most sense…
Anyone with experience with vimeo if you could please reach out… I would love to get some more info about it…

I am not sure about vimeo getting less blocked than youtube.

Not sure about Vimeo – I imagine many block both.
There’s something called koshertube which isn’t blocked on some filters. Otherwise it can be loaded from Amazon S3 or similar, but that’s getting more complicated if it’s just one or two videos.

I embedded a video from google drive. You need to use an iframe

I found the link below really useful.

And I also know of which I don’t think gets blocked by filters!