Homework class 7

I’m taking the Revit only course. how am I supposed to do the homework? I only have Revit on my computer.

You can still insert the Autocad drawing into Revit and export the Revit file to a dwg. You won’t be able to open the exported file just upload it onto moodle

understood. Thank you.

I imported the AutoCAD file you provided. Being that I didn’t learn AutoCAD im not understanding how to read the file. For example, the image I’m attaching, what kind of a wall is this? How am i supposed to draw this in RevitScreenshot 2024-02-12 003026

The grey are all walls. It would look the same once created in Revit.
In between the patio and lounge is an indent in the wall for a fireplace and on the 2 sides of the fireplace are sliding doors to the patio.
The patio would have openings on all 3 sides.
You will create walls for the sliding doors to be hosted inside.

thank you so much.

A file that I imported from AutoCAD to Revit, once I finish drawing on top of it in Revit do I delete the AutoCAD drawing from underneath? and if yes, how?

You can select it and hit delete on your keyboard. For homework 7 leave it in as you will be working on the file later on in the course.