Home Work 5


I am having trouble with HW 5, and feel I need more instruction/help to be able to get the layout right.

Not sure if anyone else feels the same way.



Could you be more specific? which sections are you having trouble with?

Thank you. just a couple of things…

Wasn’t sure how to get this overlap effect.

Also had trouble fining exactly what bock was used here. Found something similar, but it is not exact.

Was also wondering how this image collage section was done on this option

and these 2 overlaps

Here is how you would do the overlapping sections:

Popular courses section:
You can use the columns block and in each column use an image, heading, paragraph, and button block.

For the image collage, you can either save it as one image or use a block from one of the block libraries that offer this kind of image gallery.

Let me know if you still have a question on any of this.

I have the same questions here.

Regarding the overlapping sections, not sure if its just me, but the video is not playing.
Can you upload it again?

And for the popular courses section, how do I get an outline/border around each card?

Here is the video again let me know if it works now.

For the borders, you can use a group block within the columns blocks. the group block has border settings. see screenshot

Yes it works now, Thank you.

can you repost the video? its not working again
thank you