High end printer in Israel

Looking for a high end printer in Israel. Any recommendation?

albums/canvas- roth albumim- https://www.roth-albums.com/
books, others - I’ve been happy with graphos in town-- more pricey but they do a great job

I dont live in Isreal but I already sent things to print over there and I used גרפציק. Was very happy with them.

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I have a client in Eretz Yisrael who wants me to communicate with her printer (discuss sizing specs and materials, send files for print). But I don’t speak such good hebrew…
Would most designers do it anyways and hope the language barrier is ok or ask their client to deal with the printer?

גרפציק or graphosprint.co.il (they are slightly more costly)

I find that גרפציק is amazing but their quality of print (color) is medium.
עיצובים on Rechov Beit Hadfus, next to to Gutnik is amazing. Annoying to deal with, you have to call and be in touch the whole time but their quality of print is high.