Hebrew-English site

I am working on a site that is mainly in English, however there are some paragraphs in Hebrew.
How do I set it up? Do I need a multi language plugin? (wordpress/elementor)

I would try a hebrew paragraph on regular page (if need on test page) and see what happens.

Yes, I tried that because it is not so much hebrew needed, but the punctuation keeps jumping to the wrong place

I think you should write those paragraphs in hebrew and not use a plugin. The plugin is meant for translating the entire site. Not sure why the punctuation keeps jumping. Did you try to google the problem?

I am not finding a good solution for this online. Open to all ideas…

Maybe try putting punctuation backwards

Agree with Schlomith that you shouldn’t use a plugin.

There is an rtl css class and an html attribute that you could try.

direction: rtl; is the css
dir=rtl is html

Thank you!
The css was a good solution!