Have you taken Michal Eisikowitz's program?

I would love to hear more feedback about her profitable freelancer program.
Has anyone taken it?

Yes I took it 2 years ago and it was absolutely amazing!
Happy to talk to you about it if you would like-you can email me…

Can I have your email?

Yes, I took the profitable freelancer. Amazing!!

You can email me: schlomithdesign@gmail.com


I also took it, great investment!!

Will it help me get more clients?

I took it too!

Re getting more client, they’re not promising that at all, but it will give you the tools and confidence you need to run a professional business… and because of that iyH you’ll attract more clients and keep them happy!

Also, you get to be part of a slack group with tons of copywriters which gives you lots of opportunities to collaborate.

I haven’t taken it, but have only heard positive feedback about it. I also STRONGLY recommend either this course or similar if you’re going to freelance!