Graphic designer doing web design?

If a place I work for wants me to update images and home page appearance on their website does it make sense to advise them to use a website designer?
Or is this something that a lot of graphic designers would take on even if it is not an area they focus on?

Do you know the platform the website is built on? Do you have any basic idea of webdesign? If yes, you can try

I just provide images and someone else who knows the platform uploads where I tell them to. I have done 1 or 2 before but this is on a much bigger scale.
My question really is that I dont actually want to do it, does it make me look bad to tell them this, for the reason that I like to stick to graphic design.

Why don’t you make a loom video or a list telling them what goes where? Pleasing clients is always good for you (as long as they don’t take advantage…)

I would tell them I don’t do websites…

I agree with Yael. If it’s a big project then they should hire someone who specializes in web design.

They should have someone who knows web maintaining the website. You can give input but the web designer understands SEO and how to code things so they show up properly…
I personally work alongside the web designer/developer. Some stuff can be done by me but I pass on a lot of stuff to the developer