Gown gemach logo

Hi! What are some ideas or inspiration I can use to design a logo for a gown gemach. They don’t want to incorporate any hangers, dresses etc
It’s called the monsey gown shoppe.
Maybe I can do something with the letters? Any ideas?

maybe you can use the initials for some graphic on top of the words
In this pic there is a M, G, and abstract S (in the middle

No images at all? Or just not the typical ones?
How about measuring tape or fabric hanging off the name or initials?

Breindy s: What mock did you use for the above embossed logo - its fabulous?

I found the picture online - I didn’t make it…

how are some of these?

I like the bottom, the black circle (the left one) and the GS combination of the blue (top right).
What about trying the blue that in gold inside of a black circle with the words spelled out below like you did with the others?
I am also wondering what it would look like if the G and S reached until the edge of the circle…

here I added numbers to the logos to make it a little easier!

3 or 3a. add more space between the circle and the initials

I like 2B, 3 and 5
but I feel like all the options are pretty similar

I like 5

I love the 2b and would put it in the 3 format and coloring.

they all have a clean simple look, but i feel like it’s missing some elegance. Maybe try a gold gradient circle and black letters? or maybe you can do the letter on a different shape - something like this? just my humble opinion… :wink:

I like 5

2b and 5 very different but both have potential- agree with Rivkys re: elegance but you’ll get there - your work is great.

They want this vintage swirl style so how is something like this? Still need to work on the colors they want…

I think the swirl has to be a lot smaller, or the text bigger. Maybe try making Gown Shoppe on 2 lines and then stretch it to the width of the swirls. something like this:

This is what they want to go with for a wall decal. does the text look centered to you?

so cool! I think its too close to the bottom swirl - nudge it up a drop

Hows this?