Good plugin for Live shipping rates and automatic shipping

Hi! Does anyone know of a good plugin that gives customers live shipping rates according to item dimensions and shipping address?
I used one before but they closed down, and I am on the lookout for a plugin desperately.
The client ships all over US and Canada and for orders under $100 he charges shipping. Automations are very important to him and he want something that calculates shipping, books the shipment by the courier and generates a shipping label automatically.

If somebody knows about such a plugin it will be a live saver for me.

Also is there a way to see what plugin other sites are using for it?

Thank you!

Does that mean he doesn’t only use one company, like only Fedex or UPS?

Would this be helpful: Small Package Quotes – Worldwide Express Edition – WordPress plugin | and the wappalyzer extension have some of that information but not a lot. Sometimes you can use the element inspector to find clues to plugins like class names or links to scripts that have the plugin name in the link, but it’s not always straightforward.

I have a client using the plugin I linked

Thank you Peninah! it sounds like this is the plugin I’m looking for!!!
You are my lifesaver now, I was searching for hours yesterday for something similar and couldn’t find anything with this features (and its also very similar to the one that closed down…)
I think if you use UPS or FedEx alone the rates are higher. That’s what he tried telling me…