Gold Color

Hi, How can I get a real gold color for a design? Like for a Tenoim Album.

Please reply all because I never know what to use…
I have done gradient and bevel and emboss in the past to achieve this, but would love to know if there is a better option

Will it be printed with foil or you just want it to look gold ? In the case you want it to look gold, I use an image of gold or a gradient

i once downloaded a set of ‘gold foil swatches’ for illustrator which are fun to use. otherwise i use gradients.
or for real metallic ink like on a sefer, discuss with printer and then you usually just fill that area with a solid color/spot color and they replace with the gold.

I want it to look gold. Thanks for the insight!

I’ve done a clipping mask with a gold background in it…

yes that would be a using image
I find that usually gives the best look
unless you will be printing in real gold foil