Going Rate for a website?

Hi! What is the going rate these days for freelance web designers?
I have 2 years experience working as a web designer in a web design firm. it would be a basic informational site with a few pages.
I don’t do professional copy so I would write basic simple preliminary copy so they can get an idea of what goes where and then they would provide the actual text.
Can anyone advise what the price range for such a thing would be?
Thank you so much in advance!

Starting at $2000

Maybe for your very first project… but I think since you already have web experience, just not freelance, you’d do more like 2500 - 3k. The part that will be very new to you will be structuring the project and guiding the client through it. Some of the newness will depend on how much you interact with clients during your day job.

I’d be interested to hear others’ thoughts!

Thanks @peninah_adler ! That was very helpful!
Actually forgot to mention that I’ve already done 2 freelance projects.
I’d be interested to hear what others think as well!

Standard 5 page informational website starting at $2800/3000