Go Daddy

My client is by Go Daddy… He said, that he paid like $800 till 2026 and can not change to sitegroud.

Anyone ever had this in the past? I really do not want to work with Go Daddy. Any advice?

Sometimes they will give prorated refunds for mid term cancellation, you could check (but get written confirmation).

You could also tell him he can leave it but any extra work related to hosting will be billed hourly.

What should I tell him. Why is it so bad (for him)?

Sometimes I’ve had issues with migrating websites to Godaddy or with trying to get SMTP set up, sometimes not. Some people have speed issues, some don’t. I don’t necessarily trust the customer support, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not.

Does that help? :slight_smile:

Thank you. Yes, it does help. I emailed him all the info. Let’s hope for the best. He is working on 0 budget and is clueless… so that makes everything more complicated.

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