Furthering Skills

Hi, everyone! Is there anyone who took the DA Motion Graphics and went on to take more courses in Motion Graphics? I’m interested in further my skills and getting more into the field, but am not sure where to go next. Any ideas? Thanks!

Are you into the UX/UI? Here https://gapsystudio.com/service/motion-design/ in the blog you can find a bit of essential info on the subject of branding, if you’re interested. I’m here to answer your questions.

You can continue furthering your skills with www.fxphd.com. It’s a great site that will teach you on a professional level everything you need to know with VFX.

There are many sites to help you continue learning as in any field you are in Keep learning!!! That is the only way to stay above the game and to keep perfecting your skills.
There are a couple of sites that will help you with project based tutorials: https://www.mtmograph.com/
another one is https://aescripts.com/learn/

I would also suggest signing up to emailers so that the learning comes to you. premiumbeat has a great blog email that comes out once a week with updates/ tips/tricks etc. There are several others as well, I will try to put together some names and post them up here

School of Motion has free short tutorials which are really excellent and come with downloadable project files.