Freelancer: Autocad

I am starting off as a freelancer and have been tasked with a variety of AutoCAD projects. These include making revisions to existing plans, marking elevations, creating furniture floor plans and more. As a beginner, I am unsure about the hourly price range I should be charging for my services.

Any insight you can offer would be highly appreciated

depends on location. Where are you located?


I started out hourly for all layouts (between $45-$65) and then realized you’d make a lot more by charging per sq. ft. (and you don’t have to keep track on timing so much!!)

for beginner i’d say to charge hourly for revisions, set a price per elevation ($125-$300) set a price per sq. ft for furniture plans (even if you charge only $0.35 and it’s 1400 sq ft you’d make around $500 and client will be happier with set price)

definitely, charge per sq. ft for new projects ($0.35-$0.75 for beginners)

Hope this helps…

Thank you!