Figma to Elementor tool

Looks interesting – UiChemy – Convert Figma to WordPress Websites

Gosh! Is this for real?

I better learn Figma properly!! @peninah_adler giving us a course???

Ask the office – they are starting a Figma course soon! It’s part of the web course but you might be able to join just for Figma. It’s going to be taught properly, I don’t know it as well as it’s being taught!

The developer of this plugin reached out to me and said they’re actively seeking feedback on it and will be very responsive to support requests and general feedback!

Hi Guys

Yes we will be offering in the next coming weeks a course just on figma, which you can purchase as a standalone.

Stay tuned

Looks so cool!
Is this plugin ready to be used yet? Is it reliable…?

I have no idea :slight_smile:
It sounds like it is ready but may not be perfect and could benefit from feedback.