Figma for web design

A few designers I work with are switching to Figma. I just started using it, so I thought I’d post about it. I’m a bit late to the game, though :slight_smile:

Figma is similar to Adobe XD in that it is software created specifically for website and app design. It has tons of features for these purposes. The free accounts let you have a lot more projects than it sounds like from the description.

It is specifically designed to be developer-friendly and useful for handing over files, which is another reason why it’s so popular.

Once you are familiar with the Adobe programs, it’s not such a hard switchover. There are a lot of free tutorials on YouTube. I did this course on LinkedIn, it’s around $40 and for me it wasn’t worth not poking around for ages trying to learn it. I also found the terminology used to be important in helping me understand how frames work.

Thought I’d share!

Thanks Peninah! I’m still using Fireworks for my website mockups (lol) so could definitely do with a nudge in a new direction! I just watched Rafal Tomal’s free 1hr workshop (I think you told me about Rafal Tomal in the first place!) which goes through the basics and from what I watched Figma definitely seems worth a try - easy to learn and has desktop plus browser version so great for sharing with clients. Really cool you can just switch to code view and get all your css code even for shapes that you create etc. The link to that workshop is here:
Will see if I use it for my next project IY’H!

Figma is great. Very similar to XD and not hard to learn!

Oooh yes I do love Rafal Tomal’s work and I forgot he had a Figma workshop, that’s so funny. Happens to be I already had Premium LI for a different class I did so it all worked out. But this is a great resource! And he has good templates.

one of the most powerful features is the CSS code. I made an app Design and the developer was able to read off all the CSS without any additional work. Brilliant!

This program would be for mockup design for websites?


not only mockups - anything that you only need digitally so banner ads (not sure about animated gifs, says it supports them but not sure if you can create them easily with it), social media wallpapers/images and Rafal Tomal even says he creates logo with it. I personally would stick to illustrator for logos to be safe for print and web but maybe if you just need a quick logo/emblem for a website it’d be good.