Feedback on homepage of website

I created this website for a local wedding hall. The hero section is going to be a video… I’m still waiting for the videographer to send me that. However, I feel like the page needs design help. It doesn’t have a cohesive look…It’s a few sections that don’t flow together so well.
Any tips what I can change to make it look better?

(If it asks for password it’s 2021.)
Thanks for taking the time to look at it…

sorry one more comment- the last line… book with us etc… wasn’t supposed to written twice… any idea how to include without it looking like an afterthought after other sections… I’m not sure how to make it look more part of the page

I like the idea to have a video for the hero to really give potential customers a feel for the hall

Some ideas…

  • I would style the initial text on black more. Not all as a paragraph. Make some headers, different levels of headers
  • You can make “book with us” a button, or style the text like a header bolding the “book with us” text as a link
  • boxes should have equal height

Thanks Racheli… great feedback. I will work on it…
When you said 'boxes should have equal height. Do you mean in the last section or the sections themselves shld have equal height?

I would add some margin space before the footer.
The four gold boxes should be made equal in dimension.
The paragraph on the black doesn’t give such an elegant feel that you would want for a wedding, maybe play around with typography.
Great job, good luck!

Not sure, I might be totally off, but maybe try playing around and see how it looks if you make the font weight less or use a thinner font to give an upscale feel.

I meant these which looks like you did already

Thanks- yup figured out how to make boxes equal height… (I really planned on doing that all along just didn’t realize I needed a plugin to make equal height…)

-any ideas for how to style paragraph text? The way it was written there aren’t really any headers etc.
I started playing around with having this idea of a typewriter effect for the first 2 lines and then a paragraph for rest under… Do you think that makes any sense or are there too many 'moving parts on my page…

Maybe try to add more spacing in between sections.
The p font could be smaller and maybe a different lightweight font.

by the way you can use css to make the boxes equal height with e.g. “height:200px;”

You can add a
so all the titles are two lines, that will make it look more uniform.

sorry not sure what u mean- what titles?

What font would you recommend?

wondering what ppl think now… Tried making first few lines into a heading…
Does it help break it up or looks less uniform?
Need to make everything the same alignment.

Looking much better! I like it…
I would still try for a font that is a bit thinner.

The titles should be on two lines and not some on one and some on two lines

Shevy, you needed a plugin to make them equal height? That sounds extreme… Did you ask Elementor support?

If anyone does try to do that with CSS, flexbox or aspect-ratio would be a better solution than a fixed height, because you can’t control fixed height on other devices easily.