Feedback for plan

Hey there!

I have to send this to my client and would love any advice and feedback on this kitchen layout. Its for a short term rental, so they wanted the kitchen to be as small as pos. The sinks are 40cm and fridge freezer is 70cm.

And any suggestions would be appreciated!


I think it looks great. I would try to add a couch in. You can make the table as just part of the kitchen like you have in the second option and put a small couch instead of the separate table.

Thanks @shifra-bender! I like the idea but the client specifically wants a dining room table…

Nice job on the layouts.

  1. I would stick with layout option 1 since you already have seating in the dining room and to give it more seating in such a small space is just cluttering up the room. This way the room will feel bigger as well Especially in a short term rental it is not necessary.

  2. Regarding the cooktop location, Ideally next to the fridge you should have empty counter space in order to put food down on. Consider making the kitchen a little longer in option 1 and putting it on the row of the sinks. The other option is to use the peninsula from option 2 and use it for the cooktop instead of seating’s. Either way I would find another place for it.

Thanks @Nofar for your advice! My clients are going for option 1 (at least for now before they change their mind :laughing:) They really want a 4 ring burner so will have to see how to fit it in. Any ideas?

Wow, you have fit a lot in such a tight spot! In order to accommodate a 4 ring burner, your only option would be to switch to a corner sink and locate the burner where the sink was. However, I don’t know if you could do a double sink in the corner, and in general I am not a huge fan of corner sinks, however I do not see a dishwasher, so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Is there a way to extend the counter further into the dining area? That would give you enough space to do a 4 ring burner and sink on the same wall if you shift the sink over.

You have 2 options here.

A- move the fridge to the other end by the dining room and expand the stove where you have it now.

B- Do a butterfly sink in the corner (google it if you haven’t seen one) and put the range where the sink was.


@RochelLea , thank you for the ideas. Yes it really is a tight spot! Typical Israeli apartment :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: They really dont want to go further into the dining area so that wouldnt work… @BrachaR it sounds interesting! Will look into it and see. I think were going to go ahead by keeping the stove top where it is now and extending it a bit into the corner. I know its not at all ideal, but its the best in this situ! My clients are happy to have it there!
See the plan attached

OK just make sure the oven door will open without hitting the cabinet hardware, if there is any.
Usually a cabinet is 24" deep plus the door is another 3/4", plus the hardware on the cabinets protrude even more. Make sure you have that all calculated so the oven door opens properly…

Thanks for pointing that out! I left 5cm next to the oven for that reason…