Feedback for basement

Hey there, I was hoping to get an opinion on this basement plan. I need a fresh set of eyes;)

The client has requested to keep the current bathroom in its location, but everything else can be removed.
They were not thrilled with the bedroom area, as they felt it looked cluttered with all the doors. Personally, I didn’t think it was too bad.
I would appreciate hearing your thoughts.

Thank you.

Hi! Looks really nice! Maybe try putting the door to the bedroom like the door to the study and beds turned 90degrees clockwise and the closet in the bedroom on the far end wall? but it looks like ther is a window there?

Did they ask for a double door to the bedroom?

if not then I would take off the second wall & door and rotate the beds like @malky-h said.
If they did ask for the double, then maybe push it back (only has to be 4’-5’) and try to rotate the beds.

then you could put the lounge where the beds are now. (just gotta check the bath door isn’t in the way of the beds)


Thank you for your feedback!

Regarding the two doors to the bedroom, the client wanted access to the bathroom when guests are there. They did not want to limit access to the bathroom by having it only accessible through the bedroom. However, guests can still have privacy by closing the outdoor door and essentially having a one-bedroom suite.

There would not be enough clearance to rotate the beds.

This is the final result approved by the client.


Nice work!!
If the client is happy then it’s a good layout!!