Extra lines

I made 2 logos and saved them as pdfs. When I print them both on my home printer I get extra lines sticking out of my logo.

When I save it as a png I don’t get those lines.
Any ideas why this is happening?

this is how the logo is supposed to be.

I don’t know why its happening but you really did a nice job on this logo!
Is the words Shabbos Hisvadus a font or you drew it?

yes i agree, so mechubad type of logo and in hebrew i always find logos so much more challenging!

strange issue though…does the saved pdf file show those extra lines or only after you print? do you see them on your illustrator file when you zoom in?

would it help if you expand all the stroke lines if you havent already? (save as a new file first)

First of all, those logos are really nice!
Try expanding the lines.
I also find that if the corners and end caps of lines are set to sharp edges instead of round then it sticks out in corners. Not sure if that’s the issue here cuz it looked fine till you printed it, but you can try.

Thanks everyone.
I printed it at the printing store and the extra lines didn’t print.
@Breindy-S I didn’t draw it but my brothers friend drew it and I traced it.