Embroidery Flyer Feedback

I just worked on this flyer and i’d love to hear input

part of it was made with dimensions
Can you tell what was added in photoshop?

Thanks in advance!

best new ad|386x500

Nicely done, good job with Dimensions!

Yes, really stunning!
The mood is done jut right!
Which items are supposed to show embroidery work - only the sefer torah or also the aron kodesh?
If also the aron kodesh, then maybe you can get it to look less flat and more with the natural texture and movement of fabric (If that’s what it’s supposed to look like… and not that I have any clue how to do that :wink: )

Good luck!

Also love how you did the boxes on the bottom for the locations and contact!
You might not need the italics on the numbers because they’re already bolded to stand out… but I guess it’s a matter of taste…

Beautiful! I just feel like there’s a mixture of 3d and flat, can you make it look all 3d?
Also I think the shadow of the crown and other item has to be fixed so that it looks like it’s standing on the floor which will help with the 3d look too! Great job!!

Thanks for the feedback!
the Aron kodesh is also embroidery work just its a flat vector instead of a photograph (like the sefer torah). I hope to be getting an actual image of it and I’ll be able to swap it instead of the vector.
Thanks Goldie regarding shadows-was wondering why the crown didn’t look part of it.
I’ll repost the final once I get the actual image