Email signature and motion

I am creating a signature logo for a client.
I had laid out the way her other information will look (the name, contact, etc.)
Do I save this as a part of the logo?
Do I save the logo separately and add the text in the actual email?
I would appreciate some advice :slight_smile:

Also, if she is going to be taking this logo to a motion designer, how should I save it?

Thanks in advance!

I would think for the logo you save it as a jpg or gif. For the motion designer they will need the open file that they can separate elements

Thanks adinacahn.
But do I save the text as a part of the logo? Or do I just format it straight into the email for her to copy and paste?

Will the text part be animated or not?
If not I would just have it all on one layer

Why not do it in the email? why have the signature as a picture?