Elementor page builder


Im looking to switch to paid Elementor page builder. If I use the Astra theme with it, do I need the free or paid version?


You can either use paid Astra and it will give you their own premium elementor features or paid elementor but many people like to use it with hello elementor theme.

If you’re using paid elementor you do not need to pay for a theme

Good luck!

Thanks @gittyklein! can you clarify? If I have Astra Pro I do not need to pay for Elementor pro bec. Astra will give me the same features?

You can technically have both but it’s not so necessary as they are both very flexible as a standalone.

Do you have Astra Pro?

I don’t have any yet. I currently use Divi… I want to switch away from it.
Trying to research what the next step should be, I’m more comfortable with a theme/page builder than a framework - hello elementor may be too raw for me, I guess it’s hard to know at this point.

(I used to work for an agency that used both Elementor + Astra…)

Elementor is extremely customizable and also comes with prebuilt templates that you could use if you don’t want to build from scratch.

Maybe buy one of them and you could always get the other later if you feel the need

That makes sense! Thank you so much for your help!

@surbach can I ask why you want to switch from Divi? Have been using elementor until now and thinking of buying subscription with Divi…

Interesting @MalkyH!

There are definitely things I like about Divi - support is good, very flexible, the one-time payment etc. But recently I’ve been bumping into things that are bothersome + it is a bit slow sometimes. Elementor is supposed to be much better in that regard.

(it’s a hard move cause I’m very comfortable with Divi :slight_smile:

Why are you looking to switch away?

I have used Divi in the past, but now its only Elementor. Elementor is much easier to use, Divi much more clunky.
Elementor Pro has amazing features, great support and lots of of online documentation and videos.
I always use the hello theme with Elementor Pro, it gives you a lot of flexibility.

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That’s what I thought! Thanks for weighing in @schlomithsassoon!

I also just moved from divi elementor. I’m not going back to divi.
I use to write around 1000 lines of css and now it way less.