Ecommerce site questionnaire

What are the main questions I need to ask for an e-commerce site in order to send a proposal?

Very hard to answer :slight_smile: Unfortunately this is the kind of thing that gets much better with practice. I’d look online… I’ll try to think of a few points:

  1. Approximately how many products
  2. Do they have few enough products to upload manually or are they going to be importing
  3. Do they already have them organized in a way that will work for the category structure on the site, or do you need to do that
  4. Do they want filtering
  5. What currencies do they need to accept
  6. Do they already have a payment gateway that will work online
  7. Do they need to integrate with any third party services such as fulfillment centers/accounting/etc

@peninah_adler Thank you so much! This is really helpful!